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Eagle International Group LLC is a privately held corporation; a supply chain value enhancer and service company, duly registered in Maryland, USA with sister company Edge International Services Ltd, founded in 1998, all affiliates of Edge International Group, a conglomerate also comprising other fledging companies. The sister company started as a management/engineering consultant ...


Eagle International Group is a trading and engineering service provider with special interest in Real Estate and Energy sector including renewable/clean energy. Our Oil and Gas (EAGLE ENERGY) Division under our New Business Ventures is driven by our extensive trading activities in refined products such as AGO, D2, Petroleum Motor Spirit and DPK. This gave us a new drive to venture into Oil & Gas mid-stream ...

Our Mission

Eagle International Group is dedicated to delivering the most efficient and results-oriented consultancy and value-enhancer services to our clients and shall continuously guarantee client satisfaction through the quality of our professional staff and technical interventions.

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